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25 January 2011 @ 01:18 pm
I have only one word to saw about last night of CASTLE


Ok finally it was more then one word lol
04 December 2010 @ 06:57 am
This is the best spoiler picture EVER from Castle
Do not click if you don't want to be spoil because its a MAJOR picture

I WANT JAN 17 RIGHT NOW ....Collapse )

24 August 2010 @ 02:00 pm
Change my layout because of the new photoshoot of Stana , she's so stunning in those pictures that i have to do something with it . I want to do a wallpaper with those pictures , it will come soon :)

Countdown before the return of Castle : 27 DAYS FINALLY

i want mt Castle & Beckett back .

I cant wait to see every shows that i love back , the summer was way too long without any shows - except Pretty little liars and Rizzoli & Isles
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24 June 2010 @ 05:13 pm
I finally change my layout because i couldn't see the other one anymore . I think it's stay like 5 months . I didn't at first which series to put on the layout but i finally choose to put for the first time one of my favorite series this year : LIFE UNEXPECTED :D

LUX is so amazing , i love it love it love it . Lux , Kate and Baze are just too awesome and i hope Ryan go away soon because i'm TEAM BAZE :P
22 April 2010 @ 09:58 am
OMG The episode of monday of csi miami "backfire" was totally EPIC . It was definitively the best episode of the season and this season kind of suck without eric so i was pretty excited to see this episode bc it was a calleigh centric episode , eric was there and we got a lot of EC scenes :D I was freaking out the whole episode but it was so good that i didn't care tht i was freaking out lol . Eric & Calleigh are back ( i know they never really broke up so they were always together ( it's what i think lol ) ) but this episode really prove that Eric and Calleigh are made for eachother and i was so happy bc they are one of my favorite couple :D .

So after watching that EPIC episode , i was very crazy so tuesday i made a video about them . It's been a while and it feel awesome to do a new video :D this is it , i hope you are going to enjoy it :D

Other news , no i didn't forget about my other favorite show , Castle . I just hate that Castle and csi miami are on the same time D: it's killing every monday which show i should watch but this season i didn't really have to make a chance bc Castle was on the top on my list :D

I did a lot of wallpaper about the show that i still haven't post so i'm posting them right now and i'm gonna put all my old one so that everyone can see them .

Old one :
08 April 2010 @ 07:21 pm
Monday i was so bored at work that i start working on a new wallpaper of castle with those season 2 promo pictures . I think i work on it about 6 hours lol and i'm very happy with the result .

Now, this is my new background i did for my lj :)
It's from the episode "Boom", where Castle came to give back to Beckett, her dad's watch . I find this scene so cute and awesome . Beckett & Castle are like the perfect match lol .( I will post in a cut for anyone who haven't seen the episode )

Blend 2x18 - "boom" ending scene of beckett and CastleCollapse )

The background is from one of the best episode ever : " BOOM" I just really really really love the scene bc Castle is giving back Beckett dad's watch and the look of Beckett when she got it was so cute . It was really difficult to use only one scene bc lately every scene of every episode are just magic, amazing , extraordinary lol . I might change it very soon for one scene of episode 2x19 - Wrapped up in death bc it was the funniest episode ever lol

Did I tell everyone that i was obsessed with Castle lol

For the header , i use a picture of the sexy steamy new promo of Castle . Stana is so gorgeous in this dress and the promo is so HOT lol

Everyone who have not seen this promo have to see it ... IT'S AWESOME
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30 March 2010 @ 04:19 pm


3rd season of castle .. Hell yeah !!!! :DCollapse )
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Ok fact : i never really watch Smallville but those last two year ( season 8 and season 9 that is on this year ) are freaking too amazing and i just start getting addict to it and to THE coule of the show Clois and omg they are just too amazing and cute and epic and i really want to do something about them and those last episode of season 9 were just magic so here it is- My first layout of one of my new fav couples : Lois & Clark :D
02 February 2010 @ 06:49 am
IT'S LOST DAY .... Finally after half year waiting . Can't wait to see the episode .